02 August 2008

winners for the birthday banner

hello hello.
i hope your weekends have been wonderful. thanks for participating in this week's giveaway. i have two random winners for the Nsquare Design + Print Giveaway.. the lovely birthday garlands will be going to:

swell life whose birthday is february 11
amy whose birthday is august 20th

congrats! please email your shipping details to marta[at]martacards[dot]com.


swell.life said...

so excited!

swell.life said...

hmmm...just went to email you my addresss, and i'm getting an error message. marta@martacards.com, right?

Chelle said...

Jess won! Yay!

amy said...

oh my goodness! yay! my goodness. i'm so thrilled.

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