03 December 2008

for the love.

as my mom hung out in a hotel lobby waiting to catch a plane, she and i caught up about our Thanksgivings and life in general. the thing about us is, we can be a million miles away, chatting cell to cell, but we can always have the same old conversation. the familiar old banter. i love the constantness of my mom and how chats with her always get me thinking.

this time she said that she was excited to get home and start her projects. we girls are always big into projects. or at least talking them up and planning for them and organizing them. sometimes the actual project goes to the wayside. but i was intrigued with her plan. she reads and reads and reads. she is an expert on plenty of subjects. a lot of the books she reads are about writing. because we are a family of writers. some of us are wanna-be-writers.

she paraphrased one of the books that quipped that we always have time for our lovers. it's true, you simply MAKE TIME FOR WHAT YOU LOVE. if you love being with your lover, you make time for your love. even if it means going to Sportsmans Warehouse with a big smile on your face. or sitting through an educational tutorial about the differences between a shotgun, a rifle and a revolver. including information about which bullets go with which gun. even if you're not really all that into guns, but your man is.

going on, my mom was quoting that if you LOVE writing you will make time to write. i suppose it's true with any passion. somehow amidst my new-mom lifestyle, i can always find time to blog, to get out and shop for ribbon, to read magazines, to watch a daily dose of Ellen, to sort laundry, to take benji on a walk... but somehow there is just never time to scrub the tub.

so this conversation got me thinking. i want to love something so much that i put it at the top of my list. what do i want to do with life? i have attempted several times to write about my new life as a mama, but i know it'll take some thinking and time slips away and then my babe turns three months old and all the times i've thought oh my goodness that is so cute, i must write that down, i hold it in my heart for a moment yet forget to write it down. i must make more time. or just spend my time more wisely. i write every day but it's hardly stuff that gets down to the nitty gritty. it's hardly what i'd ever want to publish, yet here i am publishing all these wishy washy words that just fall out of my head. it's a bit ironic.

therefore i think i've got to get writing. about things that matter. i want to make TIME for things that are important. get my priorities straight.

on another note, i have signed up for a gym membership. i'm super excited about it. still i feel a bit nervous to work out post-cesarean. but i know once i get back into the groove of it, i'll love it and feel oh so good. i think when you stop doing something for awhile, you lose it and you fear it. but i'm going to go for it. i am meeting with my personal trainer in two hours. eek. am excited. am getting geared up. am starting anew. and i've just stocked my fridge full of vegetables so we're good to go. and am going to write my heart down, i promise. baby steps to my new goals. no more excuses.

three new things i am going to take/make more time for and prioritize in my life. a fresh take. a serious push towards a new me. starting now.

work out.
eat healthy.
write more.


Anonymous said...

Marta, you can do it!! I'm so proud of you :o) You're starting early and getting all geared up for the new year. You are going to feel so wonderful working and using your strong body. Keep it up, girl!

Diana Hulme said...

Wait! Stop! You're not going to have anything left for your new year's resolutions! Hehe. :) But seriously, thanks for sharing your thoughts - as always, you've left me inspired!

Krista said...

i love that thought of making time for what you love. It was a good self examination of what I make priority and ultimately love at the moment.
I may need to re prioritize some things too.

brooke said...

I think the hardest thing is going back to the gym after you have a baby. The first time is the hardest and it's all down hill from there. On an unrelated note, I love your tissue paper hanging on the rod in the closet--what a great idea. And you are so right that somehow we always make time for the things and people we love--I guess that is how I always have time to read blogs but never have time to iron.

~j. said...

Good for you! I joined a gym recently and have been meeting with a trainer for almost a month. It is WONDERFUL. The work in itself is very fulfilling. Best wishes!

Travelin'Oma said...

I just have to say this: Writing a blog COUNTS AS WRITING!! I've had several people say recently, "You ought to write these things down." I want to scream, "I am! I'm writing them on my blog!"

Thanks for your sweet words about our fun conversations. I love chatting about planning and organizing for new schemes and dreams. That's actually the part of the project I do very well. The follow-thru is where I have trouble!

Good luck with your goals!

allison said...

i'm right there with you on those goals, babe.

Sarah said...

Its so obvious when you put it like that isn't... makes sense :)

Have fun at the gym!

summer said...

what a coincidence! we must be somewhat synchronized in our thoughts and activities right now. (see my post from yesterday!)

i loved this sincere little reading. how right you are about things we love + time management. the very same ideas have been convicting me lately. thanks for pinpointing the problem- now I will be starting my day pursuing worthwhile things and trying to gain more self-control. hopefully.

Jennifer said...

Perfect sentiments about writing and WANTING to write more. I think that you ARE writing about things that matter and like you and your Mom said, if you LOVE it you make time for it. If you find that you are forcing yourself to write about things you don't want to, it won't be as beautiful and pure as your blog writings and maybe what you call "wishy washy words" and what I (and I think most of your readers) call perfect sentiments that we hope you never stop doing.

Courtney said...

Marta, I don't know what type of writing you feel that you aren't doing, but I wanted to say that the writing you are (via this blog) is beautiful. Your sweet, perfect, and honest words are what have kept me coming back since I first discovered your blog sometime late last fall.

But good luck with your goals (and writing what you wish to be writing.) I am certainly with you on all three!

anne said...

You're such a beautiful writer! Keep up the good work. It's such a treat to read your blog.

Good luck at the gym!!

Anonymous said...

Your writing really is beautiful. It is fresh, honest and real. In my mind, that is GREAT writing, and if it keeps people coming back for more (like me), then your audience is happy, and isn't that what makes a great writer?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on life with us.

My name is Vanessa Rae said...

I love your honest and sincerity Marta. I'm on your side wishing you the best!

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