16 March 2009

m. here

hello. hello.

am enjoying a sunny spring break so far. the weather has been bright and breezy. and life is beautiful. family fun has already begun. it is a delight to watch my babe cuddling in so many welcoming arms. he has been a sweetie to smile at so many strange faces. he's a champ, what can i say. he has charmed my parents to the nth degree. it's pretty awesome watching your own parents tickle and tease and love your own little one.

today we played with an army of little girls, seven under seven. the cutiepies circled benj to see his tricks and sing him their songs. my nieces always teach me the best songs to sing to li'l benji bear. then i taught them the one about losing a meatball from atop your spaghetti. swapping songs is in my genes. we flew kites, chalked up the driveway, put the wee ones down for naps and chatted about good (and not so good) literature we are reading these days. i am so in the dark about such things. my sisters are always reading fabulous books, making delicious meals, discovering the best places and coming up with grand ideas. i learn a lot from them in one afternoon. am happy this week has only just begun.

mainly i wanted to pop in to announce the winner of the sunny weekend giveaway. congrats to amy of daily gnome. your comment was the lucky random winner. enjoy your happy sunshine poster from slide sideways.

hope you have a happy st. patty's.
thank goodness his new li'l swimsuit is green.


Summer said...

goodness! They didn't know "On top of spaghetti"?

Kids these days.

I was actually wondering the other day about songs I knew as a child that have got lost in my mental shuffle. Thanks for reminding me of this one; it was one of my favorites, ha ha.

Unknown said...

Seven under seven~ Aren't they sweet? I have 19 under 6 every day and I love it. Adore it actually....

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