26 May 2009

m. back

hello. hello. this memorial day weekend was practically perfect in every way. all thanks to the delightful family folk who made every day a party.

prepare yourselves for a serious outpouring of pictures. and i didn't even get a photo of everybody. mostly the iphoto upload is 90% of my child posing with another member of the family. this is what it comes down to when you become a parent. it's cliche. and i'm completely okay with it. i hope you had a nice weekend too. i have so much catching up to do; unpacking and uploading and breadbaking and bedmaking. lets get this weekend wrap up rolling.

this is a dorky self portrait. i can't help but be cheesy in front of a camera. it's a skill i am trying to undo. i never have any shots of myself at the end of our excursions, so i figured i may as well document the fact that i was really there. this is a very happy me at the anthropologie sale. i am trying on one of those cute floral hip headbands. it sadly did not end up in my shopping cart. what do we think? can i pull it off? frankly, when i shop for anything these days i think practical, pretty and price tag. and in the back of my mind is this question; could this retain it's shape if benji mauled it?

sweet baby sandals. i love that dan bought them for him without any sort of influence from me. it's moments like these when i am over the moon in love with my boys. our babe has obviously stolen dan's heart; the two went in to REI and made a purchase of baby tevas over camping gear, ski gear and/or bike gear. hooray for flipflops. benj, you are officially a part of the family. he wore them all of ten seconds. but still.

my mom and i are night owls. my dad and benj are morning friends. therefore, i get the best of both worlds. we woke up to a bit of my dad's version of crunchy granola suite. mmm. mmm.

i was so glad to visit the cemetary with my mom by my side. i love that she said, i don't need to come here to remember them. i remember them every day of my life.

more photos coming. a lot more.
the winner of last week's giveaway is ALFIE.
woohoo. congrats and enjoy your postcards.


Lisa said...

You can totally pull off the headband. It looks really cute! Not sure I could... you have the perfect length of hair for it.

Dansie Family said...

love the tevas! we all need some new ones, but i may need to turn to the dark side of chacos.
we made batches of granola over the weekend as well. i used amy's recipe and it was divine! i never realized how easy it is to make and well worth all the fat.

Jordan and Jandee said...

you are definitely rocking the headband.

~j. said...

"I remember them every day of my life."


Kayla G said...

That headband looks great! And those sandals are so cute. Little baby shoes just make me smile and giggle!

I can't wait to see the rest of the photos!

Kayla @ kaylalinzy.blogspot

MarjnHomer said...

your 3 p's remind me of my 3 c's: cute, comfy and cheap! :-)

ALFIE said...

headband::: yes!

mini flipflops::: double yes!

Anonymous said...

That photo of the granola is just heavenly, whipped up my own batch earlier this afternoon. There is nothing better than enjoying granola and vanilla yogurt as an early morning breakfast treat :)

CMN said...

Love what your Mom said. Though I've never articulated it so clearly, I think that's really how I feel about visiting the cemetary as an annual event too. It can definitely be a nice time of remembrance, but let's remember those who've passed on more than once a year. Learn, remember, grow: the sweetest reminders of loved ones should be all around us in the evidence of our every day life.

Thanks for sharing that gem.

summer said...

hooray for photos! well-documented trips are a real delight. can't wait for them to come pouring in.

you can totally rock the headband, m! oh so chic.

Melanie said...

Those are officially the cutest baby flip flops EVER!

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