27 May 2009

weekend rhapsody II

recap: saturday afternoon

my cute cousins, abby and whit, wanted to set up a playdate, billing it as a sack lunch party on the grass. i was so excited for a laid back luncheon to hang with the ladies in my life. these girls really know how to throw a party, this was the best sack lunch i've ever had. (you girls went overboard with cuteness, as usual. this gorgeous garden is the same venue from last year's baby shower.)

it was complete with delicious lunches, including fig newtons (my fave) & chocolate covered grapes. we had a bit of a yoga lesson from whit (she is the best), watched little girls frolicking in the background, had little boys laughing in the foreground (benji was beyond thrilled to see another one of his kind). as whit would say, it was dreamy.

a picturesque sack luncheon. three generations of girls gabbing at once (my mom & her sister polly, my cousins whitney & abby, me and my sisters, four little girls and two baby boys). thank you, thank you. being together is the essence of being home. they are more than relatives to me, they are my best friends.


jessica said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those box lunches. I've got to come up with an occasion to serve such a fun lunch!

Kristi said...

I love Benji's smile on the patio! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

Kelli said...

Those are the cutest sack lunches I have ever seen. The whole table is just adorable and classy. Looks like a great time with best friends.

katrina lauren said...

what a lovely & special party! you captured such beautiful images...the last one with benji having a quiet snuggle time is sweet as sweet can be! i also love the one of the two little boys, looking picnic perfect in their blue polos and plaid shorts. benji looks oh so very excited!
very sweet...thanks for sharing!

Polly said...

thanks for coming to my home and bringing your sweet baby! The whole day was so much fun.love, aunt polly

whit said...

yahoo...it was so much fun. i miss your guts right now.

Christine said...

No. 1- Those sack lunches look so adorable! I'm thinking I will have to host a little picnic get together soon.

No. 2- Your little Benji is so precious... especially in that picture of him with his cousin. So cute!

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