09 June 2009

Children of India

my niece lucy has decided to venture overseas again for the second summer in a row to work for the beautiful people of India. lucy is working with a non-profit organization called Rising Star Outreach.

i was touched to see lucy's big sister, cate, so excited and moved to make a difference after visiting. these sisters are both smart, cute college gals who have such compassion and a zest for life. lucy's family vacationed there,
spending time giving help to those in need, bandaging leprosy wounds and playing with the bright-eyed children. cate emailed me and expressed the need of sponsors for the children they met.

"The sponsorship coordinator, Matt, is working full time to get sponsors for the leprosy-affected children who go to the school Lucy works at. None of them have leprosy, but their parents or someone in their family does, so they are basically 'untouchables.' Those children have a really hard time entering society and getting a job, but RSO is giving them amazing schooling. Researchers have predicted that by 2020, the archaic social stigma of the leper will be totally gone. But first, they need to be sponsored, I think if people could just see the faces of these little kids their hearts would melt..."

i love my nieces and am so happy to see their passion for life run deep. cate took time to photograph the people there and has written more information about the organization and her trip to India on her blog.

if you are so inclined, read more about sponsoring a child. it is only $30.00 a month to make a huge difference in the lives of these sweet children. your donations will fund the children directly, all administration costs come from another source.

more info. rising star outreach website
take an inside look. RSO video

images. by cate

thank you lucy + cate for inspiring me today.


Kayla G said...

i love organizations and sponsoring. my grandmother has two "children" with world vision and every christmas for the past few years, instead of giving my brother and my cousin and i presents, she gives us a card from world vision saying that we helped feed a child or give a child schooling or something along those lines. it's really sweet. and i plan to sponsor a child when i'm older. (:

i wish more people would stop spending their money on 60 billion inch flat screen tv's and put that money towards clean water and food for these kids, because if we were in their situation, we would do anything for a sip of clean water.

thanks for sharing. (:

::Sylvia:: said...

What a great post Marta. It is so nice to see people promote these types of organizations. We traveled to Alaska several years back and it was unbelievable what we saw, in our own backyard nonetheless.

Off topic- Stop by my blog, A Purse Full of Cheerios and enter for a free COACH bag!

Hope all is well with your adorable little fam!

Ann Marie said...

thank you for this post, marta. it speaks to my heart...and i will act.

Travelin'Oma said...

I'm so impressed with your cute nieces. It's awesome that they use this time in their lives to help others.

KJ said...

this is wonderful

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