09 June 2009

weekend recap

this weekend, dan and 'the boys' took their annual wilderness adventure trip. also known as: the boyz trip. this year they road biked all over southern utah, getting in some heavy training for the upcoming lotoja ride.

they mapped out a route, slept in sleeping bags, rode grueling hills for four days and went out for steaks & shakes to celebrate. a perfect boys weekend. (images by tom, the only brother who brought a camera)

benj and i lucked out. we got to stay in and slumber party downtown. not much slumbering occurred though, lets be honest. the girls stayed up late and benj awoke two hours earlier than usual to see what all the fuss was about. i think he could smell my dad's granola baking. we got a lot in while dan was away; swimming sessions, a first trip to the zoo, monkey bars, the bird show, fruit smoothies, catching up with whit, and her new bike, exploring going green (although well worth it, it's not easy being green. hooray for those who make the effort, who make a difference despite the inconvenience). early morning walks, cream cheese and bagels, playing in the rain, kiwi salad, little molten cakes in ramekins, makeovers, swimsuits, lipstick overhaul with oma, a parade in the streets, an early morning photoshoot, warm sunshine at grandma shanna's, discussions of blog etiquette (i loved this post my mom wrote, she blogs best afterhours). and pete's hawaiian chicken+pineapple party on the patio.

it was heaven. and thank goodness, benji is suddenly back to his normal schedule. funny how even a baby knows what coming home is all about.

p.s. i thoroughly loved reading about your dream closets in thursday's giveaway. especially the closet containing cheese. or the one packed with post-its. how awesome and creative you are, i love it. and the fabulous fat squares go to: Zom! you've won. really, truly. congrats. giveaways are scheduled every thursday throughout june and july. hip hip.


made sweet said...

what a fantastic weekend!!

Cat said...

wow, hard to believe that was only 4 days!!! Great pics!

Eleanor said...

I'm jealous, your weekend sounds like so much fun! Beautiful photos, too!

Zom G. said...

Whoa, wow! Neato! Sincere thanks are in order! Not only for the incredible, gorgeous fat quarters, but for keeping such a lovely and inspiring blog. It is usually a daily stop for me. Thank you and thank you!

Travelin'Oma said...

You guys know how to pack a weekend to the max! It's always fun to have a couple of kids for a sleepover, one who stays up late, and one who gets up early!

Thanks for the shout out, too. I always get fun new visitors when I'm mentioned on your blog.

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