23 September 2009

morning friends

my sunshine boy. oh how fun hanging out with a one year old can be.

good morning. there are a billion things to blog about. so i better begin. the first day of autumn was serious business around here. the cool air hit and the jackets came out to play. i love scarf weather and am stocking up on chili supplies for our annual homemade cook-off. my li'l one and i are planning to lunch with his pal, paxton. he turns one today. such sweet wee friends. i bought candy corn in the bulk foods at my grocery store and loaded them into my new anthro bowl. thank you, whit. am hoping they'll last into october. am unboxing my sweaters and boxing up everything else in this place. practically. benji's arms are suddenly long enough to reach up onto every surface of every table. it's hard to be frustrated when your cute tiny tot is up on his tippy toes blindly swiping all the papers on your desk to and fro. am realizing i have a lot of non-absolutely-necessary stuff lying around. benji is aiding in the process of project: fall clean-up.

have you noticed the new feature in blogger? search no more for a Search Bar element. hooray. seriously, your blog search bar is your new best friend. i use mine all the time (and hope you do too). it is so handy if you're wondering when you wrote that post about mint brownies or that one silhouette project or the time you had cupcakes in the big apple or the post describing memories of your mom. yes sir, the blog search bar is a must-have. if you're set up in blogger, simply go to customize / layout / add a gadget / search box. you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. you're welcome.

and now, a big fat thank you for taking my pop quiz seriously. i am so happy to have a wealth of information there. thanks for your thorough answers. to say merci in a proper manner, three of you will receive the first mini diaries of the autumn season. (they're back from the printshop and so pretty. am currently binding them! almost available in the shop.) the winners are: lovely lindsay, rachel, and sonya audrey. congrats and please email me your shipping addresses.

have a lovely wed-nes-day. xo.


Travelin'Oma said...

The search bar is also wonderful for looking up stuff on someone else's blog when you want to write a post on, say, camping, and know they have suggestions galore.

Mamma said...

What a lovely photo. I love that age. My boys are growing up so fast and not babies anymore. Oh the nostalgia.

Anonymous said...

i noticed the shake shack on your list of sweet stops in the big apple - did you get a chance to go there while you were out? mmm... those burgers are heaven in patty form.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the search tip! And that photo? Too cute!

gab said...

He is so cute! I wish I'd had a little benj time this weekend. Wah.

And I will be adding the search tool. Someday. Thank you!!

summer said...

i am so adding that swell search bar. thank you, thank you!

benji looks so huggable in that pic. what a cutie.

i always think (and sometimes say) wed-nes-day! seeing it written out made me smile. you clever girl.

happy boxing!

Suzie said...

Love your tips, and that boy-oh my goodness!

Rachel said...

Squealing a little bit! Thank you so much!

Oh, and I love the search bar too. Makes things a million times easier.

hannah :: sherbet blossom said...

i use the search bar in the top toolbar all the time, but it is oh-so-handy having it in the sidebar as well.

Anne. said...

thanks for the search bar tip! the one i was previously using wasn't up to par and this one works perfectly! also, i didn't think it was possible, but benji keeps getting more adorable with each picture you post. :]

Kayla said...

your little boy is so cute! gahh!

i have the search bar on my blog, but when i type in things, it doesn't work. :\ it just shows links to google but not to my blog or to links that i've posted. hmm. i might have to take it off my blog and re-add it on.

but yes, the search bar is wonderful! thanks for sharing. (:

ALFIE said...

a search box. who knew??
thanks for always sharing the most fab things!

&& thanks for your sweet words on our new blog! your feedback is priceless :) so happy to have you on board and reading!

p.s. this pic of benj is perfect!

Sarah N said...

such a sweet little man! thanks for the pointer on the search gadget. how handy is that!?!?

Anonymous said...

scarves and chili. you're speaking my language.

that photo is so sweet.

caitlin said...

I just realized something Marta.

Since I started blogging a year and a half ago, I have always loved your blog, and had a link to it, so I could constantly sneak a peek at what the fabulous Marta is up to. Your blog has stood the "test of time" because unlike some of the others I used to read. You actually make me feel good about myself.

I don't look at your blog and think I'm not good enough, I look at it and feel nostalgic of all the things you talk about. I identify with you. You aren't bragging, you're sharing. I love it. I stopped reading a couple other "popular" blogs because I would leave their space feeling not pretty enough, not rich enough, basically not good enough.

Not a good thing. Anyway. Just thought I would say thanks for a very uplifting blog!

One Love Photo said...

oh boy-it's my favorite age from 1-3 I can't get enough. Of course 4 is pretty cute too. who am I kidding I love them even when their baby teeth fall out and they go through the ugly awkward stage. kids will always be my muse.

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