10 February 2010

frosting and other fluff.

a list for wednesday.
via the archives.

i made pink frosting today for a twist on the classic mint brownie. nothing shouts brownies like a girl's night out. i have a feeling everyone will be bringing chocolate tonight. i'm completely okay with that.

my cousin called yesterday in hopes of a fabulous idea for the husband for valentine's day. to put it frankly, i don't have any grand ideas. other than homemade pizzas, i'm fresh out. then i landed into the archives and found a few for him valentine ideas. the husband is always happiest when i am creatively cute, without spending much dough. wow him with something simple like handing over the remote, bringing him a frosty beverage and settling in for a foot rub.

and of course, a secret note or two with a handmade touch. include a few favorite love quotes or sweet poems. (a valentine joke for your kid's lunchbox would be fun as well.) am sure my boy benj will be over the moon about his heart-shaped rice krispie. i can't believe this boy is old enough for treats and fruit snacks and apple slices. what a difference a year makes.

am gearing up for the m.writes blogging + business extravaganza. methinks it will be right here on m.writes sometime in march. more updates about it coming soon. i loved hearing your feedback thus far. thank you! it will be a week of chit chat about this big bad blogging and small business world. if you own a small business, i'd love to hear your tips of what has worked for you. if you have certain questions you'd love to be discussed, do tell. i'm open for ideas. marta@martacards.com

ooh speaking of small business, i sold my last mini diary of the batch yesterday. thank you everyone for being so awesome about the mini diaries. am thinking i'll whip up a spring/summer collection in time for mother's day. if you'd like to be notified once they're in the shop, do send me an e to be in the official mini mart club. yes, you'll receive a few secret promo coupons. i have some custom notepads in the works, i can't wait to show + tell.

and a mighty big thank you to lovely gabrielle who featured my story today on designmom.com.


Dawn said...

marta, you would love the 'tiny' ideas on mayamade.blogspot.com !
she made miniature kisses by wrapping chocolate chips in foil. how sweet is that?!
love your pink frosting...i'll be putting that on chocolate cupcakes this sunday. :)
xo country girl

Caroline said...

Oh that looks so yummy!! I love girl's nights!! xo

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I really really want to make pink frosting, sooner rather than later, yummy! congrats on selling out!!

summer said...

archives! one of my favorite places to be.

i got all worked up over those 'for him' valentine tips- thank you, marta! i'm hoping to cross several off the list by the time this weekend is over.

and pink frosting! you read my mind. grant is picking up red food coloring as i type this.

mint brownies.. you would. brilliant.

sheena said...

your words on design mom are PERFECT. love them:)

Johanna said...

such a pretty pink frosting!

Begay Family said...

These were so Yummy tonight and they looked so cute too!

Hil said...

those brownies were d.vine. thank you for sharing!!! they will go nicely with my growing hips.

also, i absolutely love that story that you posted on designmom. brought tears to my eyes as i thought about how much i miss those little kicks and jabs. they truly are so special, like nothing else in this world!

oh and i love the for him valentine ideas. you are just so darn creative.

Gabrielle of Design Mom said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful words on Design Mom. They make me happy every time I read them.

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