22 April 2010

h&g. hi and g'bye.

just a brief post to say..

01. hello!

02. i have so much to tell. a full report on our m&m photo shoot will post soon, maybe saturday. you can see from the photo above, we had a ball. my mom and i have never had such permission to ham it up for the camera. it definitely deserves a detailed description, written in my own little corner computer space. i can't wait to tell the tale of our time with justin hackworth. he's everything you'd want a hip professional photographer to be. take a peek at a few of our photos on justin's blog. and my mom wrote a good review of our experience here.

03. benji and i are still in transit, hoping he sleeps the whole way home today. he has had just as much fun and spoilage as i have on this quick rendezvous. benji's eyes twinkle when opa enters the room. he has charmed this place wholly.

04. am excited to announce the mother's day giveaways officially start tomorrow. right here. you won't want to miss this lineup, i promise. each shop will be featured for an entire day, you have til midnight (or my bedtime) to enter to win. i will close the comments and post the winner on each giveaway post. just a hint, you need either a blog, website or an email attached to your comment to win. otherwise you forfeit your prize. i can't tell you how sad it is when that happens. and i can't tell you how much i chuckle when anonymous enters to win.

05. i got in on some serious video game and pumpkin chocolate chip cookie action over at whit's last night. i tucked benj in and went over for awhile. i haven't played video games with her since our super mario kart summer. it was completely fun. love having my best friend live across the street from my parents. how awesome is that?!

06. am of course missing dan to pieces after a few days apart. however, chatting into the late night darkness–like we would when we were dating–is my favorite part about being apart.

07. a big happy birthday shoutout to darling summer harms. she is a favorite penpal of mine and the real reason i believe friendship can bloom within blogland.

more later. am headed home.

p.s. sorry about all the numbered lists as of late. you know how i love a list.


Christie said...

Your photos were FANTASTIC. I can't wait to hear your version the recap. Sounds like an amazing experience with a hugely talented guy. Color me jealous!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with #6! and mm, pumpkin choco chip cookies are my FAVE cookies!

Hil said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Beautiful pictures Marta! What a treasure to have always.

Can't wait for your return, so glad you had a great time.. complete with video games and pumpkin choc. chip cookies.. YUM!

Jake said...

Artsy martsy times two! You guys look great.

[eeny] said...

Wow, those pictures are really awesome.

whit said...

Both look amazing! Little gorgeous beauties..had the best time with you last night. Thanks for walking over.

Hannah said...

You look so beautiful, as does your mother.

Love the lists. They are my favorite posts.

Mom and Camera said...

Loved the pictures. I saw them on Justin's blog the other day! Fantastic!

Sarah said...

Fun, fun! Love the photo you posted here.

summer said...

oh marta! i feel super super lucky for no. 7. what a sweet shoutout. thank you! (i know you know how good a birthday shoutout feels.)

1. the video games and pumpkin cc cookies.. how cute are you two?! i love that things like this are not out of the picture once you have kids of your own.

2. h&g. i really want to start saying this for real. and i'm picturing the little girl on sleepless in seattle right now.

3. no.6 is completely completely true!

4. i never tire of the numbered list, especially yours.

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