20 June 2010

father and child

happy father's day to you, dan. you make us smile every day. xo.

to dan, the man who makes a perfect pancake, who hikes mountains for pure fun, who sneaks cookie dough from the freezer, he who never complains, who can hold his own in a courtroom, on a shooting range, or an alpine ski slope, who thinks handlebar mustaches are worthwhile - if not, completely awesome, who thinks cozies are cool, who knows every word to every neil diamond song ever (and who sings them in a neil voice that could win contests). who loves with his whole heart. happy father's day to the man whom our little boy idolizes; boiling over with true enthusiasm at my simplest statement, daddy's home.

1 comment:

[eeny] said...

"Daddy's home" was my favorite statment every evening and it made me jump around for joy when I was little.

Lovely post, Marta. And adorable pictures.

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