09 August 2010

a two part post.

weekend review + big winners to announce. thus, the two part post.

part one.  this weekend was full. completely summerfull. which was lovely. we watched summer rainclouds roll in and then roll out. i snapped drive-by photos. i made a little movie of my little boy unloading the dishwasher. he hands me clean utensils one by one. it's the cutest thing i've ever seen. if he accidentally grabs two forks, he'll put one back. now i know how parents get their kicks. he has completely changed my attitude about doing dishes. (and most everything else in the world.)

we went out for an event and i attempted to rock the smoky eye (thanks to a great how-to in a library book) and came home for a mission impossible marathon (again thank you, local library). saturday morning, i got to read a magazine and listen to my ipod while relaxing by the pool, which is my version of bliss. this being my reward for an early morning work out. i was channeling a wee bit of eleanor saturday morning. eleanor roosevelt says, "You must do the things you think you cannot do." which for me, meant walking into an exercise class called butts and guts. and staying the whole time. the clever title alone makes me want to lie on the couch with kardashian reruns. however everytime i think about losing this baby weight it is like a personal invitation to a pity party. which is pathetic. a pity party never has party favors or pretty pom pom puffs. there are no happy guests mingling or elton john cds playing. there are no fresh flowers or coordinating color themes. pity parties are lame which is my new motivation to exercise. it's working.

i still have bouts of mourning sickness mixed with a general overwhelming sadness about dear ones grieving and dealing with their own experiences of loss and heartbreak. like ocean waves, empathy has taken over a bit and i cannot stop feeling a new sensitivity for what other people are going through. i am much more aware of feelings (mine and others') than ever before. which i hope is life's way of teaching me to be a better, kinder, soft hearted person. these days i am consistently attempting to choose to be positive and cheerful and optimistic when it never used to be a conscious choice. i am continuing to heal from the huge upset and have buried myself in new projects, crafts and thick library books. thanks to those of you who have been so thoughtful; i had no idea fellow blogging friends would reach out and lift my spirits so much.

part two. thank you for the awesome feedback about the new collection of mini diaries. i can always count on you, collectively, as the official cheerleading squad when it comes to my crafty endeavors. i owe all my mini mart shop success to you blog readers, as i am not one who ever branches out to advertise for reals. a heartfelt thank you for the sweet comments and for spreading the word.

as for my giveaway, i've got a few big weekend winners to announce.
ami, I love how these make you think of some positive things for the day! Just lovely.
kendra, I love the youthful print diaries! They are so cute! I love reading your blog! Thanks!
amanda laplante, A classic kind of girl, I can't help but be drawn to the sophisticated prints.
and laura, how perfectly pint-sized & lovely! (i am a sucker for all things mini...)

congrats! winners, please contact me directly with your shipping details. 

stay tuned. this week i'll be featuring a handful of guest posts which include a generous giveaway along with more incredible how-to's.


Travelin'Oma said...

It would be so much easier to gain life's lessons without the tough lab work. You always find the positive view.

Janet Dillon Robinson said...

You have such a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts. From now on I shall remember that pity-parties are just as you have described them - colorless and no fun. Also, I adore the photo of the storm clouds & barn!

joy said...

Your photo is great--we haven't seen many of those summer storms and I love the image!

Recently, I came across the quote "Seek to understand and to be understood"--thank you for being such a positive model of this philosophy!

Amy @ Lucky Number 13 said...

i love this post, love all of it.
wouldn't it be wonderful during all of your own heartache and pain to know that your readers are helping you and you are helping your readers by sharing and being honest? that is a lovely thing!
and i simply love what you said about the pity party...too funny! : )

Heidi said...

Hey, Min.
Butts & Gutts - you need to rock it. Keep it up, you'll be so proud of what your little body can do and what a great way to give yourself something that you can count on.
You are in control of some things. Your attitude is a great example of that.
Keep it up.

Hannah said...

I love this post as well. And that picture? Amazing. Idaho is so beautiful.

Heather said...

I know exactly what you mean about being aware of other's pain. When I lost my baby I found myself almost desperate for those who were hurting like myself. I wanted to seek them out and love them. Still do. Take care Marta. I think of you often.

ag. said...

that is such a wonderful photo. little things like that (and i'm sure the dishwasher unloading) put a smile on my face...i hope they help you to choose happiness.

Tammie said...

Loving the picture of the barn!

Alisha Stamper said...

oh, you brilliant thing! pity parties have no fun party favors or happy guests mingling. so memorable, that metaphor.

Lesa said...

I love your blog!

brooke said...

You are such a good writer because I can always relate to what you write.

I love what you said about pity parties. So true. I'm going to remember that.

Isn't it the ultimate kick in the jimmy that you have baby weight to lose on top of the emotional hurt? I'm sorry and just for the record, I think you look amazing in all of your photos and never would have even guessed you were pregnant. Butts and Guts sounds brutal. You go girl.

You are still in my thoughts and prayers!

Jen Holtkamp said...

i love this picture!

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