23 September 2010

justin hackworth, an expert in picture taking, is speaking tonight.

remember when mr. justin hackworth photographed my mom and me for his 30 Strangers Project? perhaps not, but i do and i love having his photos hanging in my home reminding me of my cover girl moment. i am unapologetic of how much i adore the portraits he took, not because i think i am a beauty queen, but because he somehow pulled the beauty out of us. he somehow captured the awesome vibe me and my mom have going. i admire his work and think he is truly an expert in his field.

if i were in utah right now, i'd be calling a babysitter so i could hear justin hackworth speak at the provo library (such a lovely restored building) at six o'clock p.m., tonight. i highly recommend spending time with him. you will feel enlightened and happy. he will be talking about his photography and portraiture. i'm telling you, do not miss this if you can help it. justin, if you're listening, please share the cliffs notes version with your online fans.

images, of course, via justin hackworth.


pve design said...

wonderful photos. he sounds so worthwhile.

Justin Hackworth said...

You are such a bright light. Man, I'm glad I know you. Thanks for those kind words, and I like the idea of posting online what I talked about. I think I'll do just that. It may be in a week or two, but I'll get around to doing that.

Also, I met your niece, Cate. Cute as can be.

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