23 September 2010

save the date for our harvest boutique

mark your calendars and join me at the harvest boutique! it's only one month from today!

i am super excited about being a part of a team of family and friends who have created the harvest boutique in utah. we had so much fun the first time around, we decided to do it again! this year it will be hosted in beautiful park city. we hope you'll come and bring your friends. i'd love to meet you. last time i met a handful of local blogging friends including rachel from black eiffel, caroline of armelle jewelry, marie from makeandtakes and stephanie of stephmodo!

unlike chaotic craft fairs, our boutique is on a smaller scale so we can actually chit chat and mingle with our customers. the talented ladies involved will be presenting an incredible array of items: gourmet goodies, children items, quilts, accessories, aprons and cute holiday decorations. i'll also be whipping up some creations to sell; holiday note cards, penpal postcards, cheerful gift tags and mini clipboards. (the craft closet is exploding with supplies, i might add.) last time we hosted the boutique, customers stocked up on christmas gifts early. it is the perfect way to buy handmade for the holidays. i plan to list any leftover products in my shop for you out of towners. watch for more photos and details next month.

blog news. due to a few exciting big projects, genuine blogging will be put on the backseat for awhile. i wish i had 42 hours in every day instead of only 24 to get to everything i have brewing in my head. however the how-to posts and other very important updates will continue. am feeling pulled in many directions at the moment, so i have to choose wisely. i am planning to ball up my energy and focus my creative efforts on my design endeavors and come back to blogging, full strength, at a later date. i'm at a point that my work space is bubbling over with potential and if i don't buckle down, all these opportunities will blow away. thanks for your continued support, comments, emails and encouragement. not to mention birthday wishes.

for now, lets keep celebrating. i have a few more posts up my sleeve before i sign off.


polly said...

can't wait to see you there!

Hil said...

Too much fun!! I just wish park city were a little closer... :)

I may just have to plan a trip.

whit said...


Anneliese said...

i wish i lived closer...or even remotely close...that sounds like so much fun!

Travelin'Oma said...

Will there be homemade caramels again?

tawnya said...

An excuse for an afternoon in Park City? Sign me up! Will it be downtown?

summer said...

i'm with anneliese. what a dream. but hooray! so happy for you, marta. it's a good thing i know you'll tell us all about it. (i hope!)

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