19 December 2011

a (candlelit) christmasy cousins party

a christmas cousins girls night. 
+ the sistas, cousins and aunts all gathered in the cottage for a night to remember. everyone showed up in comfortable clothes for a cozy night and a yoga class. i didn't have a stitch of makeup on. aren't all my relatives so cute?!
+ one boy was allowed. (i love that little slug phase.) baby josh is so darling, i loved cuddling him.
+ the best part of the night was a yoga session by whit! (who is also expecting her first babe! hooray.) down dogs and warrior ones by the twinkling christmas tree. exactly what we all needed.
+ a pot luck supper; so many savory and sweet choices.
+ red stripey straws and sparkling cranberry apple.
+ tons of non-stop chit chat and laughter.
utah truffles chocolate mint bars for favors (i love the gold wrappers).
+ ticket kitchen hot chocolate sticks (sadly, i was saving them til the end and was unable to serve our mugs of cocoa.. no electricity! am saving them for christmas eve instead).
+ during our second helpings of dinner, the music, lights, twinkle lights, and heat suddenly switched off! the whole street was dark and we hustled around (illuminated iphones in hand) for candles and flashlights. everyone was a good sport, but i was ill prepared! luckily i had a bunch of pillars on hand for candlelight and a basket of blankets. everyone huddled together for warmth, bundled up in quilts and we finished the evening with more chatting and a gift exchange. we kept the chocolate truffles going too. no one seemed to mind that all the lights were out! in fact, it created the perfect christmasy atmosphere. they thought maybe i had rigged it! we talked the night away. the power didn't come on until the next morning. it was fun for me to wake up to blasting holiday tunes and yummy leftovers. thanks, girlies for making the night so special.


Unknown said...

What a fun party! And that baby boy is adorable. What a sweetheart.

Em-Jae said...

Looks like so much girlie fun!! I'm jealous that I don't have that many cousins/sisters/etc.

cecilia said...

How serendipitous that the power outage set the mood. Looks like a ridiculously good time.

Amanda said...

So much fun!

Shelley Abreu @ The Happiness Diaries said...

That sounds so fun!

kori said...

Wow! Sounds perfectly Christmasy to me. How cozy!

Lisa said...

Wow, what a special night! My cousins and I have get togethers, too, when I'm in town. And they're always the best.

{natalie} said...

what a cool night. what is your favorite ticket flavor? they look like such a neat idea.

i love getting together with the girls. and a yoga practice too? very fun.

happy holidays marta!

Ihilani said...

Love the "slug phase." what a perfect description :) I'm the oldest in my generation, and I've been waiting for YEARS for my cousins to hurry and grow up so we can be friends and it's FINALLY happening, which means I need to set up something like this the next time we're all together. Unfortunately we're scattered between Hawaii (on various islands), Utah and Vegas AND I won't be seeing them during the holidays. A get together is definitely on my to do list though. a

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