20 December 2011

five days away / thoughts twirling

today b and i have wrapping to do and folding to do and cleaning to do. we're kicking it inside the cottage. (yesterday was errand day. i seem to clump them together; we'll have a go-go-go day and then a restful day.) not that today will be much rest. it's five days away! i can hardly believe it. i have broth bubbling on the stove as we speak. and crumbs from breakfast on the floor for sweeping up. and a counter full of sweets; which i am rearranging and hiding from myself. i watched sleepless in seattle last night (christmas means meg ryan marathons for me) and loved it even more (is that possible!?) and then i saw this david archuleta special announcement today (sent from my sis amy) and felt completely happy inside. (p.s. i really like a man who can pull off plum-colored pants!) am loving danni's sweet thoughtful reflections too. and danyelle's christmas in a jar is pretty perfect. must remember for next year. randi's salt dough ornaments look so charming and i'm wondering if i have the energy to make one more batch of christmas cookies. these peppermint chocolate babies are tempting me. speaking of sweets, i'm in charge of dessert come christmas eve. am wondering if i should do something traditional like my mom's rice pudding or something surprising like a banana split bar. thoughts?! p.s. doesn't claire's dark chocolate bark look divine?! if i were to host a new year's party, i may whip up this gorgeous diy chandelier. it looks so frosty and wintery. and this foresty photo shoot by chelsea is stunning. everything little detail.

happy december twentieth. make your list and check it twice. then snuggle in.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is my favorite cozy spot to visit, and it feels so Christmasy here right now! Happy holidays to you & yours!

Amanda Greer said...

A Meg Ryan marathon sounds perfect!

dandee said...

We have very similar to do's, Miss Marta. Although I think I need a little more Meg Ryan in my holiday movie watching rotation. Sleepless in Seattle sounds just about perfect right now.

p.s. a banana split bar sounds so fun! plus, it will instantly make you the "cool aunt" which is always a good thing. xo.

chelsea said...

Thank you, Marta! I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family:) xo

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