22 February 2012

shop update / blog & business workbook now on sale

right now until leap day, my best selling blog & business workbook download is available for only six bucks (originally $15). click here and enter code leapinlizards for your discount. this workbook is still a favorite resource for me to page through; it's packed with pertinent information about being brave and gutsy enough to open up an online shop and blog from the heart. you'll find handy worksheets and advice from gals who have been in the etsy selling and blogging business for a long time.

p.s. the mini diaries are stocked and my take on st. patty's day designs can be found right here.


Jessi said...

Just purchased mine! So excited!! I'm planning to open an online shop in April. Perfect timing to learn about this workbook. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, a perfect read for me right now! xo

Galina said...

Thank you for this!
Just bought my copy and can't wait to put it to my reader and start reading!

Baju Muslim said...

Very good article. Congratulations.

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