02 October 2009

back by popular demand

my fall/winter collection of mini diaries
is now available in the mini mart. hooray!
purchase them in pretty packs of five or single serve.

wishing you a happy weekend.

p.s. lots of cheering is going on in this house.
did i mention, my benji started walking this week.
i couldn't be more proud of those li'l wobbly legs.


Bluebelle said...

Oh first steps, that's so special. I'm sure he's going to go a long way. :)

Kelly said...

hooray Benji! that little bugger is growing up so fast :)


ALFIE said...

on my way to scoop up a new mini journal. my first is already filled with many days worth of memories!!

& hurray benji! the first of countless hurried steps!

jill s said...

i just ordered one for myself!
i've bought a couple for friends before but this one is all mine.


Rachel said...

I received my little diary earlier this week and I keep meaning to tell you how much I love it! Thank you, thank you! It is so beautiful.

Hannah said...

way to go benji!

Miranda said...

seeing a baby start walking is like magic.

KJ said...

oh the thrill and pride in a baby's face when he conquers his own legs. and you, sweet mommy, will soon find how his mobility completely alters your life. ;)

Petit Elefant said...

marta, just looking at your notebooks makes my heart soar. so pretty, so adorable for a little purse.

love them.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, these are the sweetest things ever! I just bought one and cannot wait to use it ! I am going to record mine and my two little ones favorites as we go about our day! Thank you! I found your sweet diary's via the equally sweet Suzanne
( www.shoptalkbuzz.blogspot.com )

Diane said...

What a wonderful idea... must got a dozen or two for all my favorite women.

Mui Yen said...

lovely lovely idea! what a great way to be grateful everyday :) i bought 15 pcs to give away to my girlfriends - they're the best! and your audrey quote sums them up: "the best thing to hold on to in life is each other". thanks for sharing.

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